sturman_george (sturman_george) wrote,

Ручное управление суверенной демократией
Так выглядит знаменитое "бремя белого человека" англичанина.

Две новости. Старая:

MOSCOW, February 8. /TASS/.

"Dudley suggested that the President hold a round table involving British businessmen, heads of the British companies, which are operating on Russian market or otherwise related to the business in Russia," the Kremlin spokesperson said.

"Dudley also suggested that the President meet personally with the participants of this round table. The President supported the idea and promised to do that," Peskov said.

И новая:

Великобритания крупнейший зарубежный инвестор в территорию РФ (благодаря Бритиш Петролеум).

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