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О белых привилегиях белых пацанов

С 2010 года школы Британии лишились  12,800 белых учителей-мужчин или 17%.
На их место пришли мужские черные и этнические меньшинства (black and minority ethnic (BME) ).

35.5% всех учителей в школах мужчины.


Фактический запрет на образование белых детей из рабочих семей.

White working-class children are UK’s most deprived pupils – and they’ll be hardest hit by Covid fallout too, researchers warn MPs.

The research, submitted to the Commons Education Select Committee, reveals that white pupils eligible for free school meals are half as likely as their peers from poor ethnic minority backgrounds to achieve strong passes in the eight GCSEs used in school league tables. They are also more likely to attend a failing school and live in struggling communities in the North and Midlands.

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