sturman_george (sturman_george) wrote,

Молоко римской волчицы

Римские экспедиции в Африке.

Ходили римляне не зря.

Фулани люди с европейским геном толерантности к молоку (лактозе). Т.е. не мучаются животом, как дорогие россияне, после кружки-другой молока.

The lactase persistence (LP) trait in the Fulani is conferred by the presence of the allele T-13910, which is also present at high frequencies in Europe. We establish that the T-13910 LP allele in Fulani individuals analysed in this study lies on a European haplotype background thus excluding parallel convergent evolution.

Дамы выбирают кавалеров.

Генетическое чудо Фулани случилось примерно 2000 лет назад.

We inferred the time of admixture in Fulani genomes based on patterns of linkage disequilibrium decay [45], with a generation time of 29 years [46, 47], and found evidence for two admixture events between groups with West African and European ancestries (Additional file 1: Table S2). The first admixture event is dated to 1828 years ago (95% confidence interval (CI): 1517–2138) between a parental population/s related to the West African ancestry groups in our dataset (Jola, Gurmantche, Gurunsi and Igbo) and a parental population carrying European ancestry (related to North-Western Europeans (CEU), Iberians (IBS), British (GBR), Tuscans (TSI), and Czech&Slovaks (CS) in our dataset).


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