May 24th, 2021

Sunt lacrimae rerum-2


SIS4: "Sunt lacrimae rerum"
Председатель комиссии: "Tendebantque manus ripae ulterioris amore".

Продолжим о британских бюрoкратах.

The route to the top of the Civil Service has been described as a 'velvet drainpipe' with those from vastly under-represented disadvantaged backgrounds having to master 'unwritten rules' in order to progress.

The Social Mobility Commission (SMC) revealed nearly three-quarters of senior officials come from privileged backgrounds. A quarter of those holding the top jobs attended independent schools.

And analysis of more than 300,000 civil servants showed that just 18 per cent of the senior Civil Service come from a disadvantaged background compared to 72 per cent from a privileged one.
The report found those from disadvantaged backgrounds feel there is a 'secret code' for correct behaviour among staff.

This involves high-brow conversation topics such as galleries, foreign holidays and theatres, which is 'alienating and intimidating' to some.

One survey respondent said the use of Latin and metaphors about cricket were a key part of ministerial meetings.

She said: 'There's so much Latin and that really is real.

'You know, you'll be in a ministerial meeting and they'll sort of talk in Latin but they're sort of making what you'll realise later is a sort of joke about Brussels that everyone sort of understands and laughs.'

They have the advantage of the right accent or 'received pronunciation', an emotionally detached and understated manner and an 'intellectual approach' to culture and politics.

Meanwhile, those from vastly under-represented, disadvantaged backgrounds have to master 'unwritten rules' in order to progress.

Talent or detailed knowledge about the job come secondary to shared humour and leisure pursuits and taking part in 'fireside chats' with bosses.

Все, что вы хотели знать о британском гос.управлении, 300000 управленцев, можно прочитать в 88 страничном докладе. Сам доклад здесь.

Набила да Массрали

А теперь политкорректная задача по арифметике Европейского Союза:

28 часов прошло, а ЕС молчит. При продвижении частей и соединений на 25 км в час в глубь территории,  к какой границе страны ЕС вышли бы части и соединения Лукашенко
за 28 часов наступления?