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Порвалась связь...

Огромное недоумение русскоговорящих СМИ вызвало туманное сообщение из Альбиона о расследовании смерти Березовского-Еленина. Что же было на шее повешенного?
Детектив Mark Bissell на слушании заявил, что Березовский был найден лежащим на полу в ванной с "ligature around his neck and a piece of similar material on the shower rail above him".
Все гадают, что за лигатура и почему она порвалась.
Англо-русский словарь краток:
ligature - связь, соединение, связывание, перевязывание. Мед.значение: нитка для перевязки кровеносного сосуда.
Совсем запутали.
Учимся читать и понимать прочитанное. Вот как объясняют смысл этого слова Люди с мастерками:
Masons are referred to as “brothers of the mystic tie.”
Indeed, the obligations of The Craft are the cords that bind us both to The Order and to each other.  Every man that has approached our portals, passed through the Pillars and, on bent knee, obligated himself, has forged an ethereal chain that lashes him to all those who have gone that way before and all that shall come that way tomorrow. This ligature is beyond the bounds of time and space (hence it is termed “the mystic tie”); As Masons, we are pulled together by it into that certain House Not Made With Hands.
...Note further that you were not only obligated to The Order, but to your Brethren as well. We are all joined each to the other, wherever dispersed, by preternatural ligatures, and we are equally joined to those who have gone our way before us and those who shall tread it hereafter.
Brother Anthony Mongelli, Jr
А вот ещё:
According to all the knowledge thus far obtained the old root lig, which has been in continuous use for more than 2,000 years, has always and throughout the many European languages in which it has had a place denoted a tie, a band, a bond, to tie together with a cord or rope. This has never been a one-way tie, as when a man ties his horse to a post, but a two-way one, as when two men are tied to each other. Lig has been preserved in our English speech in such words as ligature, ligament, ligate. The whole family of such words has the general meaning of "to tie together," "to bind together."
H. L. Haywood
Приводим без перевода на русский, потому как вековая, секретная мудрость.
Но если попытаться, получится что-то вроде этого:
Скованные одной цепью, связанные одной целью.
В случае с повешенным слова полицейского звучат как приговор: "мистическая связь" прервалась и лигатура оборвалась.
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